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Dash Updates: Fall, 2017

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Throughout the summer the Dash team has focused on features that better integrate with researcher workflows. The goal: make data publishing as easy as possible.

With that, here are the releases now up on the Dash site. Please feel free to use our demo site to test features and practice submitting data.

  • Dash enabled co-author ORCiDs– all listed co-authors now have the ability to link their ORCiD iD with their data publication.
  • Dash notifies “administrators” (set for each instance- campus data librarians & publishing staff) when data are deposited so researchers can get assistance enhancing their metadata (to make data more reproducible, transparent, and discoverable).
  • Dash has rich text editing. The abstract, methods, and usage notes fields now have HTML text editors that allow for stylistic text editing to properly format information about the data publication.
  • Dash allows for individual file download. All versions of the datasets may now be downloaded at the file-level and not just the entire dataset.
  • Dash welcomes UC Davis. Researchers at UC Davis may now publish and share their research data at
  • Dash welcomes UC Press journal Elementa. Authors submitting to the Elementa may now utilize UC Press Dash for all data supporting journal publications.

So, what is Dash working on now?

In order to integrate with various aspects of the research workflows, Dash needs an open Rest API. The first API being built is a new deposit API. The team is talking with the repository community and gathering use cases for mapping out how Dash can integrate with journals & online lab notebooks for alternate ways of submitting data that are more in line with researcher workflows.

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