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Expanding Data and Software Skills Training

Posted in Library Carpentry, Skills Training, and The Carpentries

The UC3 team consults with the broad UC library community regarding research data management and data publishing in various capacities.  Over the past several years, we have seen a keen interest in expanding skills training opportunities for librarians in the areas of data skills and software skills. In an effort to amplify existing training programs and build capacity across the UC, we are looking forward to continuing our work in 2021 in the following ways:

Collaboration with The Carpentries

When it comes to teaching data science skills in a format that is community-based, hands-on train-the-trainer style, few opportunities can compare to The Carpentries.  In 2017, we established a working partnership with them that has been tremendously successful.  While The Carpentries originally focused exclusively on Data and Software Carpentry, it has been our work together, supported by a generous grant from the IMLS, to expand their remit and to introduce and grow Library Carpentry.  This investment has helped equip our library communities and also led to a large and vibrant international Library Carpentry community of which UC as a whole is now a significant part. In 2020, we completed our project work on expanding The Carpentries across California.

In 2021, we aim to keep that momentum going.  Many of our team members will be actively involved at an organizational level:

  • Eric Lopatin will continue his role as Maintainer of the Intro to GitHub lesson and regular workshop Instructor and Helper. 
  • Catherine Nancarrow will remain a member of the Library Carpentry Advisory Group.  In addition, she will extend our partnership with Carpentries staff by contributing to the implementation of a new Membership program that will afford greater availability of training to a wide variety of diverse library communities. 
  • John Chodacki will join the Carpentries Executive Council, which is responsible for strategic and organizational planning, financial oversight, and overall service and program assessment. 

Other avenues for collaboration

In addition to the Carpentries, UC3 is consistently looking for skill training programs and events to support in 2021.  

Lots of work ahead

We are always open to hearing your ideas for ways to deepen our work with skills building and training at all levels.  We are especially keen to collaborate on projects that will benefit the library community and look forward to another successful year ahead! 

This is the last post in the “A Peek Into 2021 for UC3series. 


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