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Support Your Data

Researchers are increasingly faced with new expectations and obligations in regards to research data management (RDM). To help researchers navigate the changing RDM landscape, the UC3 team is developing a suite of tools which we are currently referring to as “Support Your Data.” These tools include a rubric designed to enable researchers to self-assess their current practices and a series of short guides that provide actionable information about how to advance practices.

Drawing upon other tools with similar aims, such as maturity-based frameworks and visualizations like the research data lifecycle, UC3 worked to ensure that our tools are user friendly, free of jargon, and adaptable enough to meet the needs of a range of stakeholders working in various institutional and disciplinary contexts. The content is available from the reference below and we are now focused on designing the presentation of both the rubric and guides in physical media and online.

Reference: Borghi J, Abrams S, Lowenberg D, Simms S, Chodacki J (2018) Support Your Data: A Research Data Management Guide for Researchers. Research Ideas and Outcomes 4:e26439.

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