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Who Am I Forgetting?

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I’m currently working on the development of user scenarios for the Excel add-in.  That means I’m charged with summing up all of the scientists that might use this add-in with a few concise, tidy profiles, then predicting how they might use the Add-in.

Step 1: Categorizing Scientists.  You can help! If you see a category I’ve missed (or mistakenly ignored), please let me know.  You can email me or comment on this post below.

  1. Level of education
    1. BS/BA
    2. MS
    3. PhD
  2.  Job/status: 
    1. undergrad science major
    2. grad student (MS)
    3. grad student (PhD)
    4. postdoc
    5. research assistant
    6. researcher (not tenure-track)
    7. tenure-track faculty
    8. tenured faculty
    9. retired/emeritus
  3. Research status
    1. active, contributor
    2. active, PI
    3. inactive, contributor
    4. inactive, PI
  4. Affiliation
    1. Academic institution (R1)
    2. Academic institution (undergrad focus)
    3. Academic lab or research center
    4. Government agency/lab
    5. NGO
    6. museum
  5.  Type of researcher
    1. models and/or data analysis only
    2. lab work
    3. field work
  6. Programs used
    1. Excel only
    2. Excel + scripted programs (R, matlab)
    3. Excel + statistics software
    4. Excel + GIS
    5. Excel + Databases

Check out this cartoon to get your creative juices flowing:

How people in science see each other (created by @biomatushiq) on Twitpic

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