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Counting Down Plus DataUp Webinar

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Next week: The CDL DataUp team will be performing “Celebration” at a karaoke bar (undisclosed location).

We are nearing the (revised) launch date for DataUp: on Tuesday 2 October, one week from today, we plan on officially release the tool. This includes the DataUp website, the code, and the ability to download the add-in.  Of course, you never know what the next week will bring.  We aren’t promising these will be delivered on Tuesday, but we will do our very best!

Last week at the annual DataONE All Hands Meeting, I presented a demonstration of DataUp and showcased its capabilities for assisting in good data stewardship practices.  DataUp was met with much excitement, especially from the Citizen Science Working Group (technically called the PPSR group, which stands for Public Participation in Scientific Research). The PPSR folks were very excited about shaping DataUp to be something that will help their data contributors to submit high quality, well-documented data. This is one of the many extensions for which DataUp is ripe; others include its integration with repositories other than ONEShare.

If you would like a guided introduction and walk-through of the tool, mark your calendar for the DataUp webinar, scheduled for Wednesday 3 October.  You need to pre-register for the webinar to receive the connection information.  If you can’t make the webinar, don’t fret: we will record it and make it available afterward on the UC3 webinar page.

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