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Co-Author ORCiDs in Dash

Posted in UC3

Recently, the Dash team enabled ORCiD login. And while this configuration is important for primary authors, the Dash team feels strongly that all contributors to data publications should get credit for their work.

All co-authors of a published dataset now have the ability to authenticate and attach their ORCiD in Dash.

How this works:

  1. Data are published by a corresponding author who has the ability to authenticate their own ORCiD but they cannot enter other ORCiDs for co-authors. Bearing this in mind, Dash has a space for co-author email addresses to be entered.
  2. If email addresses are entered for co-authors, upon publication of the data, co-authors will receive an email notification. This notification will have a note about ORCiD iDs and a URL that directs to Dash.
  3. Co-authors who have clicked on this URL will be directed to a pop-up box over the dataset landing page which navigates authors to ORCiD for login and authentication
  4. After an ORCiD iD is entered and authenticated, the author is returned to the Dash landing page for their dataset and their ORCiD ID will appear by their name.


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