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Merritt Renews its CoreTrustSeal Certification

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We are delighted to announce that the Merritt preservation repository has recently received a renewal of its CoreTrustSeal certification. The certification, which we first received four years ago, recognizes our commitment to ensuring the long-term preservation and accessibility of University of California archival collections. 

At this time, the Merritt repository holds over 400 collections composed of UC library special collections content, eScholarship journal publications, as well as digital content from libraries across the state of California and other memory institutions. 

The CoreTrustSeal is an internationally recognized standard that demonstrates our repository’s compliance with best practices in digital preservation. The certification process involved a rigorous evaluation of our policies, infrastructure and processes to ensure that we meet the highest standards for preservation and data management.

By renewing our CoreTrustSeal certification, we are signaling to librarians, archivists, researchers, and data producers that they can trust our repository to preserve digital content for the long-term. This certification helps us to demonstrate our commitment to maintaining high-quality processes that ensure the integrity, authenticity, and usability of UC’s content.

We would like to extend our sincere thanks to the organizers and volunteers of the CoreTrustSeal community project for their invaluable work in developing and maintaining this important certification. Their dedication to promoting best practices in digital preservation is an essential contribution to the scholarly community and ensures the long-term availability of digital content.

The Merritt preservation repository is committed to providing the highest quality preservation services. We look forward to continuing to serve as a trusted repository for the University of California and our partners around the world.


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