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UC3’s Development Culture

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UC3 takes an iterative deployment approach based on Agile principles. Our development is driven by user-centered design by which product (service) managers gather the needs of our stakeholders and translate them into prioritized use cases.  By placing the needs of stakeholders and users at the center of our analysis and design, we develop services and collections that are impactful, useful and used.

We implement agile principles by way of scrum practices, with features that are prioritized, scheduled to be developed and deployed within time-boxed sprints.  These activities are carried out via the product manager and the development team via ceremonies.  Ceremonies are held to iteratively plan our current sprint, define our backlog, and release “done” product increments. Furthermore, we are reflecting on the process to continuously improve how we do our work.  Having ceremonies allows us to stay focused on the tasks at hand, minimize distractions and facilitate communication across the team.

UC3 aims for regularly scheduled deployments for releases, resulting in release processes that are routine and deliberate as opposed to crisis-driven. Releases based on minimum viable products allows us to fail fast — make quick decisions and reroute, when necessary.  Releases are comprised of versioning, release notes and updated documentation for new features and support. Integration with other services within and external to CDL are designed utilizing best practices to ensure robust interoperability.

Our focus is on motivation, community, and trust as opposed to structure and control.  We strive for aligned autonomy, to give teams the ability to solve problems on their own.  Teams decide what to build, how to build it and work together while doing it.

We provide communication via our roadmaps, blogs, and wikis to stay in sync with each other both internally and externally.  Check out our team here!


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