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Dash: 2017 in Review

Posted in Data Publication, and Development

The goal for Dash in 2017 was to build out features that would make Dash a desirable place to publish data. While we continue to work with the research community to find incentives to publish data generally, the small team of us working on Dash wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who published data this year.

In 2017 we worked in two week sprint intervals to release 26 features and instances (not including fixes).

In 2018 we have one major focus: integrate into researcher workflows to make publishing data a more common practice.

To do so we will be working with the community to:

  • Release a read only API for download of datasets
  • Release a Submission REST API for publishing and versioning datasets
  • Implement ‘Make Data Count’- standardized data usage metrics for researchers to have standard views, downloads, and citations of published data
  • Integrate with publishers (i.e. submit data to Dash while submitting an article to UC Press)
  • Integrate with online lab notebooks (i.e. right click and submit data after analysis with accompanied metadata from Jupyter notebooks)
  • Talk to as many labs and researchers as possible to educate on data publishing and better understand incentives and needs

Follow along with our Github and Twitter and please get in touch with us if you have ideas or experiences to share for making data publishing a more common practice in the research environment.

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